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Circles for Learning is a unique project that focuses on developing five essential areas that lay positive foundations for mental health and wellbeing.

It brings together a parent and their young child, and a class of KS1-KS3 pupils to create a time and space to allow then to watch and interact once a month for a whole year.

This amazing experience allows children to understand the development  of relationships, how learning unfolds, and observe and explore emotions and their impact on their own thinking and behaviour and understand how our sense of self develops. All the things that research shows underpins positive mental health and wellbeing.

Backed by ten years of development by leading Educational Psychotherapist, Alison Waterhouse, the Circles for Learning project is available to schools.

The complete project comes with lesson plans and activities to support the busy teacher, online training to build knowledge and understanding and six 1:1 coaching sessions over the first year.

Contact:  Alison Waterhouse

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T: 01580881271